Operation Overwhelm: Chaos, Contradiction & Clutter

As a single Mom of 9 year old twins, working "the patchwork principle of employment" aka entrepreneur with various funnels of business, and rounding out menopause, to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. I recently sought out parenting counseling and during one of my sessions, the therapist asked me "Why do you think you always operate in overwhelm?" Wow, that was eye opening.  I always thought of myself as a "doer" an "achiever" or "the one who gets things handled." It never occurred to me that I was the one creating the situation by not recognizing that I was overwhelmed in the first place. I just thought this is what single parenting is.... So, I decided to investigate the root of the overwhelm.

In any problematic situation you need to assess your role, and make different choices moving forward. I immediately recognized three facets of overwhelm that needed to be addressed... chaos, contradiction and clutter. 

Chaos while external usually stems from how...

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