There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Habit

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

“First you make your habits, then your habits make you.” John Dryden

Everyone has what we categorize as a “bad habit.” The classics are smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, compulsive shopping, over medicating, stressing out, obsessive TV watching or social media scrolling, gambling and sex. We do these things for a couple reasons. First is the amazon prime mentality of instant gratification and another is to numb ourselves from pain and suffering. It’s so much easier to sweep shit under the rug than to actually address, face, and resolve our problems.

What if I told you there’s no such thing as a bad habit??? Really??? Now that I have your attention, perhaps I should explain further. First, let’s start with the definition of a habit. A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. The American Journal of Psychology defines a "habit, from the standpoint of psychology, [as] a more or less fixed...

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“Emotional Rescue”

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

Don't you know promises were never meant to keep?
Just like the night, they dissolve off in sleep
I'll be your savior, steadfast and true
I'll come to your emotional rescue
I'll come to your emotional rescue
"Emotional Rescue" as written by Mick Jagger Keith Richards
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

The world right now is in dire need of people who are masters of their own emotions. The coronavirus, politics, racism, the economy, the environment, protests, defund the police, the great mask debate, hydroxychloroquine, demon sperm, alien DNA, literally ANYTHING has people globally spiraling out of control. You can’t go on any social media platform without getting punched in the face with contention between people who were seemingly good friends not long ago. There is a dark, heavy energy in the Universe right now. A grave majority of the population operates unconsciously every single day. They live out the day, month, year, decade before on a...

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Pattern Interrupt​

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

“We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you an urgent message.” Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe your daily programming is the root of most of your problems? If you’re like most people you operate on autopilot day in and day out. Humans have an average of up to 50,000 thoughts per day. Amazingly up to 95 percent are the same thoughts, repeated every day (according to the National Science Foundation). That’s a lot of repetition. And very little space for new thinking. Einstein summed it up nicely.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Although the world does seem to be on the axis of insanity lately, we can choose not to create the same trajectory for ourselves. Every single minute of the day we can choose again. You can hop on the train of insane, or opt for ease. It’s up to you. So how would you suggest I get out of this fruit loopty loop swirl of...

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Free Will

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that's clear
I will choose freewill

Music: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson - Lyrics: Neil Pert

These wise words from the band Rush stand the test of time. We all have freewill, in every breath, every moment, and every day we can make a new choice. Why is it that most of us choose to stay stuck fighting for our limiting beliefs rather than choose from possibility? Have you been avoiding, ruminating over or been in analysis paralysis on a project, or major life overhaul you desire? Maybe it’s a career change, moving to a new city, finally tackling your weight issues, quitting an undesirable habit, taking a leap of faith into marriage or parenthood, or severing ties with toxic people? How much longer are you going to stay stagnant? Another 6 months? Next year? Post pandemic? What’s it going to...

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Operation Overwhelm: Chaos, Contradiction & Clutter

As a single Mom of 9 year old twins, working "the patchwork principle of employment" aka entrepreneur with various funnels of business, and rounding out menopause, to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. I recently sought out parenting counseling and during one of my sessions, the therapist asked me "Why do you think you always operate in overwhelm?" Wow, that was eye opening.  I always thought of myself as a "doer" an "achiever" or "the one who gets things handled." It never occurred to me that I was the one creating the situation by not recognizing that I was overwhelmed in the first place. I just thought this is what single parenting is.... So, I decided to investigate the root of the overwhelm.

In any problematic situation you need to assess your role, and make different choices moving forward. I immediately recognized three facets of overwhelm that needed to be addressed... chaos, contradiction and clutter. 

Chaos while external usually stems from how...

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