The Coveted All Access Pass - Do you really need a laminate to feel like a Rock Star?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

When I first started in the music business, I was enamored by anyone sporting the coveted all access laminate from their neck. I had visions of the glitz and glamour that went on backstage. What Hollywood A-listers would I be hobnobbing alongside? What kind of delectable delights and free flowing liquid refreshments will be served? What exciting sex, drugs and rock & roll antics would I witness? I imagined not having to wait in line for the loo. That in itself is a luxury. Man, I would be such a VIP, uber significant human if I just had one of those bad boys dangling from my torso. Or would I?

This got me thinking about Teddy Roosevelt’s quote “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, clearly he hadn’t been backstage at a major rock show! Or for a more contemporary viewpoint Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face, states “Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”

Then again, neither are incorrect in suggesting that comparisons can detract from your happiness. New research from the American Psychological Association suggests that the way we make comparisons may give us a biased account of our own skills and experiences. Is it fair to assume that little ole me is as important as the likes of Reese Witherspoon, an award winning actress or Oprah, a billionaire business mogul? Is seeking external validation by fashioning a lammie going to make me a better person?

I for one have been guilty of self judgement for far too long. I’ll be good enough when...I get the more prestigious gig, buy a fancier house in a more affluent neighborhood, drive the fancy car, date a hot, rich guy, lose 10 pounds, get a facelift...the list goes on and on. In the words of Dr. Phil - “How’s that been working for you Lynn?” Well, Dr. Phil - it’s not! Lol. Whenever I am feeling bad about myself, I like to flip the script and pretend it’s opposite day. What would happen if I actually approved of myself? Jeez - it’s not brain surgery, I’d inevitably start to feel better.

Here are a few ideas that could possibly create a shift in the right direction:

When seeking outside validation - what is it you want someone else to tell you? Then tell it to yourself. Often times other people see the best in you. Whatever compliment or positive reinforcement you are seeking, is easily available from YOU!.

The more you stay in gratitude, the more you draw your new life to you. You cannot stay in your crap when you are relishing in all of your blessings. It’s energetically impossible. There’s always someone who is worse off than you currently find yourself. A daily gratitude practice will have a dramatically positive effect on your life.

 When we were born, we came into the world as perfect little babies. We had no conditioning, no limiting beliefs, no crap habits We were pure love, we were ENOUGH. I encourage you to revert back to those days of being ENOUGH by saying “I AM ENOUGH” to yourself all day long. Say it in the shower, write it on your bathroom mirror with lipstick, write it on post it notes all over your house, in drawers, inside the fridge, at the office and in the car. Set a timer on your phone several times daily with the words “I AM ENOUGH.” Ample reminders will engrain it into your brain and soon enough you will start believing it!

Finally, if you had a gun to your head, and were told you needed to love yourself like your life depended on it in 30 days or less, would you do it? Since that’s not likely, try reading the book that sports the same title Love Yourself LIke Your Like Your LIfe Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. It’s short, sweet and to the point. I prefer the audible version myself, his voice is magical. I highly recommend it.

Back to the coveted All Access sure as hell was stellar going to shows wearing that sucker, but it didn’t turn me into a rock star, since I already was one! The only All Access you really need is here on this platform!

Lynn McDonnell is a certified Life Coach and ICBCH certified hypnotist. If you are seeking support you can find her here:

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 818-257-0634

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